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  • Quality Control for ABS Wheel Speed Sensor
  • In China, Zhenzhong Electric are ABS wheel speed sensors specilist ,it's capable to  produce as client's OEM requirements and also offer your full technical service.

    If you are interested in our products, please contact us for details.


    Quality Control
    Functional model design and build ;
    Computer-assisted design (CAD) capabilities;
    Prototype model design and build ;
    Prototype testing and validation
    Automated magnet wire winding, stripping and termination ;
    In-process speed-output, leak and hi-pot testing ;Date coding/recording for effective field tracking ;Just-in-time delivery system ;
    ● Laboratories: For durability testing ;For in-process testing ;For plant/field return analysis
    Pictures of parts of testing machines:

    Brief Introduction of Quality control

    To give our customers a more detailed idea of our quality control for ABS speed sensors, we are here introducing the quality control steps briefly.

    Step 1   Quality Control for Sensor Harness

          With the harness life testing machine (Picture 1), the harness will be tested according to quality standards. Under different conditions, harness are shocked and twisted hundreds of thousands even several million times. After this, only the harness does not crack, can it be chosen as qualified harness.



    Picture 1 Harness Life Testing Machine


    Step 2    Hi-temperature Durability Testing
    To be assured the hi-temperature durability, sensors are tested by Hi-temperature Durability Testing Machine (Picture 2)at 170℃ and 190℃.This item is carried out during prototype testing and validation annually as well as before bringing in a kind of new harness.


    Picture 2 Hi-temperature Durability Testing Machine


    Step 3     Water Proofness Testing
    With the water tightness testing machine, sensors are dipped into NaCl liquor under negative pressure of vacuum. After enough time, the sensors are taken out to be tested under high volt to testify the water tightness. According to the standard of Volks Wagen TL821 31(93.9 Version), this item should be carried out every two years. How ever, to control the quality more strictly, this item is carried out every batch of new products by our company.



    Picture 3 Water Proofness Testing Machine


    Step 4    Comprehensive Testing
    Before the product are released for sale,100% of them are tested with a view to resistance, volt, induction, output signals, etc.


    Picture 4 Comprehensive Testing Machine

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