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  • High Efficient DC Motors
  • DC series motor mainly includes:

    1. DC Hydraulic series Motor,

    2. DC Traction Motor,

    3. Permanent Magnetic DC Motor

    Main features :

    • High efficiency.
    • High starting torque.
    • High quality insulation materials.
    • Long life elements (brushes, bearings).
    • Low noise operation.
    • High reliability thanks to stringent quality assurance measures.
    • Sturdy, tried and tested technology.
    • High economy.

    High efficiency DC Pump motors can be used as traction motors, to drive hydraulic pumps for various applications, particularly in material handling and the automotive and transport industries, and for other applications, such as winches, industrial cleaning machines and marine applications.

    They are made in both standard versions and to special customer requirements.



    High efficiency D.C. motors serve to drive hydraulic pumps intended for various applications in the field of material handling, automotive and transport industry and for different other drives. Generally, the motors are oil proof on the drive end side; with two poles insulated if required by the customer. Design versions are adapted to standard assembly dimensions of hydraulic pumps and made according to special requirements of the customers.
    The insulation class of motors is generally F (IEC) or different if required by customers.
    Motors are manufactured for the nominal voltages of 12V, 24V, 36V for nominal powers going from 0.18kW to 4.5 kW for C.W.D.E, C.C.W.D.E or bidirectional operation, respectively.
    High power versions are operating intermittently (S1, S2, S3 ratings available). Lower machines have correspondingly higher ratings. Thermo cut-out can be built-in on all types of motors if required by the customer.
    Different drive shafts and front end covers can be produced according to agreement.
    D.C. motors are also available with fans.
    Specifications regarding direction of rotation apply when looking onto the shaft end of the motor.
    In the case of motors with two shaft ends, the shaft end opposite the commutator determines the direction of rotation.


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